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AUD / month

  • Unlimited Staff & Resources
  • 50 Included Bookings
  • 1 Location
  • Additional Locations $9
  • Additional Bookings $0.80


AUD / month

  • Unlimited Staff & Resources
  • 500 Included Bookings
  • 5 Locations
  • Additional Locations $9
  • Additional Bookings $0.40


AUD / month

  • Unlimited Staff & Resources
  • 5000 Included Bookings
  • 15 Locations
  • Additional Locations $9
  • Additional Bookings $0.10


Online Bookings
A$39 / month
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Online Bookings and Diary
A$79 / month
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Silver Gold Platinum
Staff & Resources
We offer free, unlimited staff and resources (rooms, vehicles, equipment etc).
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Included bookings come free with your plan. If a booking is for multiple people, it still counts as a single booking.
50 500 5000
If you have a mobile business and travel to your customers, you would only need to set up one location (being your registered business address).
1 5 15
Manage all of your bookings from one place, across multiple devices, all updated in real-time.
Online Bookings
You have a choice of various booking widgets or book now buttons, which can be easily installed - no coding skills required.
Facebook Bookings
Accept bookings straight from your social media visitors with our integrated Facebook app.
Customer Relationship Management
Access all of your customer data in one place with integrated marketing and simple reports.
Appointments & Classes
Our system handles everything from one-to-one bookings to group bookings and classes.
Email Notifications & Reminders
Free email notifications and reminders can automatically be sent to you and your customers with all new bookings or booking changes.
SMS Notifications & Reminders View Pricing
The option to send SMS reminders to your customers and to be notified of last minute bookings.
Customised Booking Widgets
Personalise your booking widget to match your website style and to obtain any additional information required from your customers.
Mini Website
We provide a free mini website for your customers to book online, complete with your own web address.
Our system works on any device for both you and your customers.
Neto Integration
Integrate with Neto’s online marketplace and sell your services alongside your goods in your own web store.
Groupon Integration
Integrate with Groupon to market your offers and promotions, with ability to limit capacities for promotional bookings and get paid directly through our system.
Marketplace Integration
Integrate with 3rd party marketplaces to obtain bookings through multiple distribution channels.
Online Payments
Streamline your operations and reduce no-shows by taking full or partial prepayments upon booking.
Utilise your database to assess the performance of your business.
Additional Locations
Applicable for only extra physical locations you operate from (not mobile locations).
$9 $9 $9
Additional Bookings
Pay a minimal rate until the end of the month if you happen to exceed the included monthly bookings and do not wish to upgrade.
$0.80 $0.40 $0.10

Compare the plans.

Standard Premium
Online Bookings
Online, mobile and social bookings through your fully customised booking widget embedded on your own site or Facebook page.
Unlimited Unlimited
Facebook Bookings
Accept bookings straight from your social media visitors with our integrated Facebook app.
Customer Data
Complete access to all your customer data and bookings 24/7.
Booking Management
You and your customers can add, change or cancel any booking.
Email Notifications & Reminders
Automated booking notifications for your and your customers to save your time and reduce no shows.
SMS Notifications & Reminders View Pricing
Ability to send or receive notifications by SMS.
Yield Management
Set limits for your online and promotional bookings, guest numbers, booking cutoff times and block-out periods.
Groupon Integration
Add short term or ongoing offers with instant voucher verification and redemption, as well as full promotional bookings management.
Diary View
Manage all your online and offline bookings through the bespoke reservation diary with real time tables and covers data.
Floor Plan View
View and manage your bookings through an alternative floor plan view.
Table Management
Link your tables and setup your table preferences, so that your diary automatically allocates your booking to the best table or table combination.
Walk-In Management
Manage your walk-in trade seamlessly through the diary.